Sunday, July 31, 2011

A busy few weeks

I've a lot to cover in this post, so bear with me. First of all, we're having a blast settling into our new house! Except for unpacking and watering the lawn, we're really loving having our own space that we can make just the way we like it. We just got our new windows in, so all the big replacements are done, and now I just get to have fun decorating! Cody generously gave me a decorating budget, so I'm constantly haunting the DI and KSL classifieds looking for good deals. So far I've scored an adorable armchair for the front room, an entry table, a kitchen hutch, and some fun knick knacks. I'll hopefully get around to posting about some refurbishing I did, but we'll see. Life's pretty busy with finals coming up and helping out with Cody's work when I can, but I'll try to do it for you, my dedicated readers.

Besides our house, we've also had some fun trips recently, starting with Bear Lake with Cody's fam. We spent three days boating, relaxing in the sun, eating yummy food, and just having fun together :)

 Then yesterday we went to the Orem water park for an afternoon with Jarom and Steph. We had fun cooling off, going down the slides, and doing crazy jumps off the diving board.

Cody and I also have plans to go to Park City for our anniversary, so we'll be posting about that in a couple weeks :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

We spent the Fourth of July up in Ogden with Cody's family. In the morning we went to the North Ogden parade, which was really fun! All the floats would throw candy or frisbees or shirts or Otter Pops. Basically really good stuff, haha. Here's some fun pics from the parade :)

Jackson looks really confused for some reason...

It was super hot, so Cody rigged me up an umbrella chair. What a guy, eh?

The Bomans arrive :)

Jet flyover

Carly being cute

Family and friends camped out on Tyson and Jacque's lawn, thanks guys!

Brylee and ... her ballon string? I think

The cutest couple in town, if I do say so myself...

There were some awesome floats!
After the parade, we went over to Cherry Days, a cute little fair with food, kid's games, and lots of little booths. We then went swimming at Cody's parents and had de-lish BBQ. It was a really fun day and we loved spending time with family!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Our New House!!!

Surprise! We bought a house! We've been looking at houses pretty seriously for a while now (paying rent STINKS), but we've had a lot of trouble because there is so much competition! It seems like everyone is out hunting for a good deal, so every time we liked a house and started to think about buying it, it was sold the next day. So when we found this little gem, we jumped on it!

We think it is just perfect for us right now. It's 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths (although it technically only has one toilet and shower, kinda interesting), and around 2200 total square feet, although the basement is unfinished so its really like 1100 right now. These pics are from the selling agent, so all the stuff is just model home decorations. There's lots of pics, so I hope you all make it to the end :)

I love how cute it is from the outside!

Our real estate agent is awesome, and so we got these
outside decoration thrown in with the deal :)

It has an adorable (and pretty good sized) yard, with a little garden area for Cody to plant his garden fresh tomatoes (he won't eat them otherwise, haha)

The living room has a great fireplace, which we're happy about. However,
that carpet is gonna go. We're getting it replaced this week, along
with the windows, furnace, and AC. Yay!

We also got this sweet little table thrown in (like I said,  our
agent is good!), and we're replacing the vinyl flooring with the
same stuff that's in the bathrooms

We are also probably going to splurge and get a new fridge, so it doesn't
look like such an outcast

The bathroom is soooo nice! I love the big mirrors and
having so much counterspace!

So that's our house! I'll be putting up more pics after we're all settled in, but this is the basic look! We're really excited to move!