Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We had such a fun Christmas season this year! We kicked it off by getting the Barker's together to make Candy Houses. It's one of my favorite traditions, and I was so glad everyone had fun :) I wish I'd gotten more pics of the results (Lloyd made an awesome church, haha), but here's some pics:

We attempted to make our house, but sadly the roof collapsed.
 Oh well, still get the general idea :)

Christmas Eve we headed up to Ogden to have dinner with Cody's parents and a movie. Then Carly and Josh came over and we all got to open Jammies (Thanks Shelley!) and then we had a "sleepover" in the basement. We woke up Christmas morning at around 7 and had fun opening stocking stuff. Then we opened gifts to each other (I got a sewing machine among other awesome gifts, Cody got a gun). At eleven we went to church and then had to wait a couple hours for the rest of the fam, which only extended the gift opening :) 

The day after Christmas, Cody got to try out his new gun when he went shooting with his dad, Tyson, and Eric. 

New Year's we spent with Jeffrey and Carlie, and Carlie's friend Jill and her husband. We played some Killer Bunnies (which I'm finally starting to understand), and watched a movie, which we briefly paused to watch the ball drop. Yes, we're awesome. Carlie made some fantastic fondue (seriously, so good!) and we loved spending time with them. 

We're looking forward to March when we all head down to St. George to meet up with Jason and Amy for a weekend of fun. Can't wait!