Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little of everything

It's been a while since we updated, but Cody's been busy with work and it's the end of the semester for me, which equals papers, projects, and lovely finals. However, this post is going to be full of all our crazy awesome adventures during the last month!

First, a couple weeks ago Cody's friend Seth called and offered us two tickets to the Real Salt Lake game against L.A that he's gotten from a neighbor. We were way excited because we'd been wanting to go, so we bundled up (it was freezing!) and headed up to the Rio Tinto Stadium. To our extreme excitement, we found out that not only were our seats MIDFIELD ON THE FRONT ROW, but that we got FREE unlimited food, sat directly behind the player's bench, watched David Beckham get whupped by Real, and sat in front of the suite where Jimmer Freddette was also watching the game. All in all, it was a great night :)

We literally sat right behind the team!

Seth and Sierra, and Cody and me.
Only later did I realize how much I looked like a bum...

Jimmer's suite. I'm pretty sure he's the floating head
behind that guy in the jello striped jacket

Besides going to an awesome soccer game, we also dominated in our bowling league this semester. We're on a team with Cody's old roommate Jason and his fiance Amy. We took third in the tournament, and had a fun time doing it :)

Also, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! The 2-1, so I'm totally legal now. Cody threw me a party on Friday, which we unfortunately didn't get many pics of, but we all had lots of fun :) We played some fun games, ate pizza and cake, and I opened some ridiculously awesome presents! I got Tangled (which I love), bacon (which I also love), and TICKETS TO LES MISERABLES! Cody and my family went together and bought me and him tickets. I am soooooooooo freaking excited because I've been wanting to go since forever! Thank you all so much!!!!

Of course we had my favorite, angel food cake with strawberries (Mmmm...),
which Cody made himself and it tasted fabulous. Nice work babe :)

Cody also made me an awesome Birthday breakfast this morning,
hence his borrowing of my apron. I think it's cute ;)
It's been a crazy last month of school, but now it's almost over so hopefully we'll be updating a little more often!