Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our new fancy smancy basement

We started work on our basement in November and finished up all the details in mid-January. Not bad, eh? We hired people to do the framing, electric, drywall, and basic plumbing, but we tried to do a lot of the work ourselves. We (meaning mostly Cody) did the doors, baseboards, painting, all the other finish work and, of course, the blinds. Here are some awesome before, during and after pics. Enjoy! We sure are :)

Main room, framed and insulated


Painted and finish work

Awesome carpet

All finished!

Bathroom shower

Cody did everything on the shower,
except for the glass. Nice!


We used vinyl squares in the bathroom

Bedroom/ Guest room

And hère are just a few more of the finished product :)

I painted that dresser myself, thank you very much

Found this lovely couch on KSL, only two years old and half the
 price of the new one at RC Willey. We're pretty proud :)

Now we're all ready for visitors! Come on over everyone!