Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Excuse Joanna's Absence

Joanna has been taking some guff lately for not updating her blog but she has a very valid excuse. School has kept her extremely busy, being in class most days until about 2 and then coming home and doing homework right up until its time to go to bed. On top of that she tries to find time to help me with work and she started doing some editing for BYU a couple nights a week. Saturday was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Here are some pics at the celebration.
 Me and Mason doing some bonding, his face is kind of squished

 Brenna likes to go down the slide head first
Brylee loves to eat delicious BYU cupcakes

We also decided to help try to break a world record. My cousin's company put on a giant dodge ball game, BYU fans vs U fans. Unfortunately everyone rushed the field and broke all the rules so they didn't get to break a record but there were about 2500 people there. 

 Joanna playing inside the giant inflatable Dinosaur, which had this little dinosaur inside.

 Waiting for the game to start, we got free T shirts and J-dawgs.
This is in the middle of the game, we got bored because we were in the back.

I also got a new grill, it was $80 bucks with our coupon.
Isn't it pretty?

Hope your proud Joanna!