Thursday, November 3, 2011

A new baby and Halloween

Jarom and Steph had their adorable baby girl last Monday, Evelyn Hope Lance. We got to go see them all at the hospital and Evelyn is seriously soooooo cute! It made me so happy that they finally got to take home a baby after all they've been through :) Jarom is the cutest daddy, he is seriously a natural, and Steph is just the cutest new mommy. Here are some pics :)

She is just so precious!

Next, we had some fun Halloween celebrations. Cody's family came down on Sunday for pizza and to carve pumpkins. It was fun to have everyone over!

Our Jack-o-Lantern pizza :)

Our winged cat pumpkin. Yeah, we don't really get it
 either, but it's cool looking, haha

The whole fam made it down!

On Halloween Monday, we headed up to Ogden for a yummy chili dinner and trick-or-treating with the kiddos. We decided to be nerds and think we pulled it off pretty well! I cracked up every time I looked at Cody because he was the perfect nerdy professor! We had a fun time with everyone and got some candy out of it :)

Fall is soooo beautiful in Utah, and so we went up Provo Canyon to enjoy the pretty colors. We went for a little hike (like really little, I'm not much of a hiker) and then just spread out a blanket and enjoyed the last nice day of the year.

I had to go through a lot of pics to find this good one. Cody has the
 tendency to make faces whenever I want a nice pic...