Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weddings and Easter and Visits, Oh My!

We have a lot to catch up on for the last month! We'll start off with Jason and Amy's wedding. Jason is Cody's old roommate and all four of us lived at Roman Gardens together, plus being on a bowling team for two semesters, so it was really fun to be a part of their wedding! Here's a few pics of the festivities:

Randomly ran into Courtney inside the temple! She was going to her
husband's best friend's wedding too! Gotta love Utah, haha

The happy couple :)

Our friends Jeff and Carlie

Takin' our own pics while waiting for the wedding party

The guys in their tuxes

Probably the best pic we took all day. Loving it!

The wedding was super adorable; Amy did such a great job with colors and decorating. The reception was at a farmhouse/cottage/reception center in Lindon, which was so beautiful. Too bad it was raining because the outside was gorgeous! Anyway, we had a great time, and are so sad that they are moving to Arizona soon! We'll miss them lots!

Next on my list is Easter! We spent it up with Cody's family and had a blast! It was so fun watching the kids look for their eggs, but the best part was Cody's parents has set up an ADULT egg hunt with money for the rest of us! It was so fun! His dad spent like two hours hiding the eggs by burying them under rock and dirt, and in the most random places. It was pretty legit, haha. Cody found the golden egg, so we ended up with a pretty good Easter haul :) Luckily the kids were happy with their candy and didn't realize that the money was a much better prize.

I think Cody was more excited than the kids...

Next, my sister Jessica got to come visit last weekend! She was here from Friday to Tuesday, so we basically spent 4 days shopping, crafting, talking, hanging with family, and just being awesome. I unfortunately didn't get any pics, but she did so hopefully I can get them from her soon! Baby Charlotte also came along, and I loved getting to play with her all weekend. She was a little apprehensive of me at first, but we were besties by the time they left :) Hopefully, she can remember me till next week when we go to CA for a short visit!

While Jess was here, she helped my revitalize my apartment! It was looking a little sad and messy, and just needed a little TLC. Since we spent A LOT of time shopping, it was inevitable that I'd end up with some new stuff, and Jess helped me with the more crafty parts. So here's my adorable new living room!

Those are the flowers Cody got me for Mother's Day. What a guy, huh?

Jessica and I found these fantastic wall hangings at Hobby Lobby for 1.50 each! They had some ugly animal print, so I ripped that off and mod podged (SP?) some cute scrapbooking paper. 'Dorable!

My next favorite things were these awesome Pottery Barn curtains I found at Downeast for 5 bucks each! Please forgive the curtain rod, I'm working on that :) I also love my new pillows! I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby for 30% off, and then made covers for two pillows I got at Savers for $3 each. Thanks to Jess for helping me make those! And to Steph for letting me steal her sewing machine for a little while. 

And last but not least, my new frames for my side table (1/2 off btw), along with this adorable little vase I got for $1. Can't beat that, eh?

Anyways, I'm loving my new room, we're super busy with work and family and friends, and getting ready for our trip to CA next week! We're going on a 4-day cruise and then visiting the Fam in Gilroy for a weekend. We are so excited!